What is “the CrossLife?”

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 “And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.  Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”  Matthew 10:28-29 

the CROSS life    

       That is the heart cry, and shout of CrossLife Church.  Losing our lives not for the vain or empty pursuits of this world but for Jesus, as we take up His cross.  To “take up the cross” in the first century meant to lose your rights and possessions. It meant you would be mocked and misunderstood by the world, on the way to your impending death.  Today, the true meaning is really the same. When Jesus says “take up your cross,” He is inviting us to join Him in being misunderstood, mocked, without possessions, rights, and the need to live for the world’s applause and approval.  Sound a bit depressing?

the cross LIFE

       The cross by itself leaves us hopeless, but the crucifixion of Jesus was not his end. The cross made possible the resurrection and new life.  Jesus’ invitation to die to ourselves and to this world by taking up the cross is really an invitation to real life.  Jesus  endured the mocking, beating, and loss of this world’s stuff because he never gained his identity from the people, possession, or plans of this world.  Jesus walked through the pain and rejection of the cross knowing His father would not forsake him; raising him and exalting him.

CrossLife Church

       CrossLife Church is a fellowship of believers journeying together as we grow in denying ourselves, taking up the cross, and experiencing real life.  The “CrossLife” means to surrender and lose our lives for Jesus sake only to be finally alive. You are free to live without the bondage of sin or the control of peoples expectations, because the Father approves of you and He has a reward waiting for you that will make any loss in this world…simply insignificant.

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