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Several times over the life of CrossLife Church we have considered the equation for momentum as it relates to the ministry and the vision of CrossLife.  I want to take a moment to flesh it out a bit more here.

P = Momentum         M = Mass           V = Velocity (not volume)
Mathematically, momentum is Mass multiplied by Velocity.  Think about how this relates to the Unstoppable Mission of Jesus.  
Mass is made up of density and volume.
Velocity is the product of speed and direction.  

Think about how this relates to God’s movement through the Church.

Density= is the measures of our depth of knowledge, experience, and spiritual maturity.
Volume= is simply how many are “with us” or how big is our tribe.

In terms of Mass, a lower volume (numbers) with a higher density (spiritual depth) is better than a large volume with low density.  Just compare a balloon to a bullet, one is bigger but the smaller is more effective in a war.  You have possibly seen a large church that was a “mile wide but an inch deep.”  We need to be growing deeper as we are expanding in our numbers.


Velocity is also a critical part of momentum for mass without movement means your stuck.  Velocity is speed with direction. Speed without direction does not accomplish much, but when speed is applied to an object in a specific direction then momentum results. As CrossLife joins the Unstoppable Mission of Jesus and we fight for the advancement of Jesus’ Kingdom we pray for Momentum to grow.  Momentum is created as we grow deeper in our understanding and application of the Gospel in our lives.  Momentum is created when we simplify our lives, and trade religious activity for a missional life as an expression of the Gospel that in changing us.

Jesus said, “from the time of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven is forcefully advancing,”  and of the church he said, “the gates of hell will not prevail.”  Let’s advance!

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